Providing Building Integrated Solar PV Panels

GreenCoastSolar ‘s mission is to introduce the absolute best Building Integrated Solar Solutions from around the globe to the North American Marketplace. While not the largest solar distributor in the market:

Our expertise allows us to take ownership of the building integrated solar pv panel niche and be a one stop solar solution center for wholesalers and retail building customers alike. As you’re a supplier, you are guaranteed product knowledge and commitment.  As your representative, we assure your position within the line as a category leader.

Our Power plant projects similarly capitalize on the strength of our suppliers, ensuring success and guaranteeing a continuum of service.

What is BIPV? A simple explanation for those new to this facet of the industry.

BIPV stands for Building Integrated Photovoltaics and refers to solar energy technologies that are integrated into a building’s façade or roof. The idea is that solar cells would not be an addition to a building, but rather incorporated directly into the building materials by way of shingles and glass (windows), although some BIPV components can be retrofitted onto a building.

In the future, solar cells may even be printed onto brick and other external materials, but that is highly contingent upon developments in nanotechnology as a few investment opportunities now exist for that technology we will certainly see fast evolving new and innovative products.

If you have questions regarding BIPV, integrated solar or simply wish to do discuss any product in more detail with the possibility of doing business, please do contact us.